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The Romans: A Very British Invasion

Emperor Claudius, ruler of the Roman Empire, has had a brilliant idea (for he is brilliant, you see). His ever so clever plan will finally conquer those Brits, and all appears to be working until one woman gets in his way, the mighty Celtic Queen, Boudicca.

This production is suitable for an introduction to the Romans, as well as for pupils with existing knowledge. 

  • Focus on Emperor Claudius, General Paulinus and Boudicca's battle
  • Learn about the Roman's impact on Britain
  • Aimed at KS2
  • Original songs and colourful characters
  • Three actors
  • Duration 60 mins (approx)


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The Trailer

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We know our production provides young minds with a creative experience, and we want to encourage that creativity long after our visit. Our additional Workshops and Teacher Resources are designed to engage, educate and inspire young children in both the historical subject and the arts. 

Practical Workshops

After each performance, our actors can lead a workshop designed to broaden your KS2 pupil’s knowledge on the Roman invasion of Britain. 

Jam packed full of fun games, role-play exercises, demonstrations and storytelling, each session will provide interactive activities specially designed to give them opportunity to explore their creativity, whilst educating, engaging and entertaining them.

Teaching Resources

Continue the creativity in the classroom with our Teacher’s Activity Packs?

Full of fun follow up activities related to our production; inspire your children with creative writing exercises, assist in their learning through curriculum supporting tasks or engage in our suggested class discussions based on themes experienced in the show.

Our Mission

To inspire our next generation and sparking joy with each visit and beyond. To provide high-quality theatrical experiences through entertaining and educational historical stories. Written especially for Primary and SEN schools, as well as for the enjoyment of family audiences in public spaces.

Enhancing Culture Capital

After two years of lockdown, our touring productions bring the magic of live theatre directly into your school hall. Our shows are specially designed to assist you in the presentation of historical subjects (complementing the National Curriculum) but in a new and imaginative re-telling… without the expense and logistics of organising a trip. 

Live theatre teaches children about people and emotions. It inspires creativity. Our experience has taught us that by combining laughter and enjoyment with historical stories, we can support children in learning about themselves; in their understanding of their world around them and about the people (from all different cultural and social backgrounds) who came before them.

Written by children’s book author Grant Koper and actor and playwright Helen Parker, including original songs and colourful characters, we bring hard to teach stories to life.


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